Yes, People Using Wheelchairs Can Dance With A Partner!

American DanceWheels Foundation (ADF) has developed a book of steps for you.  The steps have been written for one person using a wheelchair and one standing partner.  Now you can rumba, cha cha, hustle, salsa, fox trot, and tango to real steps using your everyday manual or power wheelchair.  The origin of these steps come from the traditional, able-bodied dance syllabus and requires all of the elements of dance like rhythm, connection, and lead and follow. 

The dancers at ADF no longer sit on the sidelines at nightclubs or weddings.  Men learn to lead their partners and women learn to follow so that you are able to dance with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  

ADF has trained teachers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Canada, and the UK.  New instructors are scheduled to attend our bi-yearly training in locations like California and New York.

Get your wheels moving and be a pioneer!  Come out and dance with us!!  The first lesson is free. Experiencing it will make you believe!

For more information about classes, locations, times, and dates call 215-588-6671 or email us at  

Reasons To Dance

• Great Social Activity—Meet New Friends
• Increase Stamina, Coordination, Strength and Posture
• Build Confidence
• Dance Partnerships Promote Communication and Understanding Between People With and Without Disabilities
• Steps Can Be Used Anywhere People Dance
• Opportunity to Participate in a Mainstream Activity That Can be Used Both Socially and Competitively